Healthy Habits for a Stronger Faith.

Rooted is a 10-week spiritual growth experience that helps you establish seven core rhythms essential to a healthy relationship with Jesus.

Why Rooted?

We all have a desire for something deeper.

Developing a relationship with God takes time and intention. We know we should read the Bible and pray, but sometimes feel guilty because it’s not a priority, or we just can’t seem to get started. Rooted provides the structure and support you need to establish simple habits essential to a healthy, authentic relationship with God.

We all know that we need supportive faith relationships in our lives - solid people to walk with on our spiritual journey. But those kinds of authentic, trusted, friendships are sometimes hard to find. Rooted makes it possible to start with a small group of people who share the same longing for authentic connection that you do, who are eager to grow and learn together.

Session Overview

1. Personal Study

The best part of your day will be the time spent with your Rooted workbook, as you read your Bible, pray, journal, and reflect on what Jesus is doing in your life. Just like physical exercise, the more you put into each day’s study time, the more you’ll see positive results in your life.

2. Group Discussion

Once a week, meet with your group to encourage each other, discuss what you’re learning, and pray for each other. One of the biggest surprises about Rooted is how quickly you form new friendships that are anchored in Jesus. Most Rooted groups continue to meet after the 10 weeks are finished.

3. Growth Experiences

The best way to discover how to live a life of meaning and purpose is to put your faith into action. Growth Experiences reinforce new spiritual disciplines and provide opportunities for you to put what you’re learning into practice.

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No matter what session of life or faith you find yourself, Rooted is for you.

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