Healthy Habits for a Stronger Faith.

Rooted is a 10-week spiritual growth experience that helps you establish seven core rhythms essential to a healthy relationship with Jesus.


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Groups start online and in-person Jan 2021.

Personal Study

The best part of your day will be the time spent with your Rooted workbook, as you read your Bible, pray, journal, and reflect on what Jesus is doing in your life. Just like physical exercise, the more you put into each day’s study time, the more you’ll see positive results in your life.

Group Discussion

Once a week, meet with your group to encourage each other, discuss what you’re learning, and pray for each other. One of the biggest surprises about Rooted is how quickly you form new friendships that are anchored in Jesus. Most Rooted groups continue to meet after the 10 weeks are finished.

Growth Experiences

The best way to discover how to live a life of meaning and purpose is to put your faith into action. Growth Experiences reinforce new spiritual disciplines and provide opportunities for you to put what you’re learning into practice.

Why Rooted?

We all have a desire for something deeper.

Connect with God.

Developing a relationship with God takes time and intention. We know we should read the Bible and pray, but sometimes feel guilty because it’s not a priority, or we just can’t seem to get started. Rooted provides the structure and support you need to establish simple habits essential to a healthy, authentic relationship with God.

Connect with Others.

We all know that we need supportive faith relationships in our lives - solid people to walk with on our spiritual journey. But those kinds of authentic, trusted, friendships are sometimes hard to find. Rooted makes it possible to start with a small group of people who share the same longing for authentic connection that you do, who are eager to grow and learn together.

Live with Purpose.

Life can be great, and at times a complete grind. We can often feel like we’re just going through the motions and what’s the point? We long for something more – the meaning for why we’re here. Rooted will help you discover who God made you uniquely to be, and help you see God’s purpose every day in new ways.

“If I didn’t go through Rooted I wouldn’t have a definite definition of who I am as a person. I am forever a child of God, and no matter what I go through that will never change.”

Jessica Quimpo

I didn’t have a home church for a while and after going through Rooted it solidified for me that this is it, this is my church.

Megan DeVries

“Sometimes we become stagnant in our faith, and Rooted challenged me to reconsider why I believe what I do, and this ultimately drew me closer to God.”

Emily Alvarez

Rooted is for Everyone!

It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the Christian faith or have been following Jesus for years, by joining Rooted you’ll refresh your relationship with God, make new friends, and find purpose in your everyday life. Groups start Jan 2021.

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How do I register? What does it cost?

Click the big blue "Sign Up" button! There is normally a $40 fee that covers the cost of materials, facilities, child care and a celebration event. However, due to current circumstances, the fee has been reduced to $5 as Rooted will be experienced through a virtual platform using video conferencing with digital material.

How will I be placed in a Rooted group?

If you’re not currently in a Life Group, you will be placed in a newly created virtual Rooted group. Our staff will seek discernment when assigning people to a group and a leader. When we have followed this process in the past, we have seen God do what only He can by providing the right blend of group members and leaders.

How is Rooted different than other Bible studies?

Rooted is not just another Bible study. It’s not a typical discipleship program. This material originally came from Africa, where it had a transformational effect. The title was “Mizizi” – Swahili for “Roots”. It was developed by, Pastor Muriithi Wanjau of Mavuno Church in Nairobi, Kenya. It is unlike most programs or studies as it is an experience and a journey. It will involve five days of short homework preparation each week which include writing prayers to God, journaling, listening, and challenging one another to grow in new ways. If you’re willing to invest in this completely, your perspectives may be completely transformed.