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Easter Services | Apr 4

Easter with Friends is a celebration of hope. It reminds us that our failures are not final, that there is hope beyond what we see, and that dead and dying things can be infused with new life. It means there is forgiveness and grace right where you are today. We think that's worth celebrating - please join us!

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Easter Services
Apr 3-4

Campus News & Updates

Friends Students Summer Calendar

Get your students ready kick off SUMMER with these Friends Student experiences!

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Baptisms | June 27

Demonstrate your faith in Christ by getting baptized!

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NEXTGEN - UpGrade Weekend & Baptisms

We can't wait to celebrate kids & students during service on UpGrade Weekend, June 13th!

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GO Opportunities

Check out our community partners and ongoing opportunities for you to serve outside of our four walls.

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Campus Pastors

Kyle Zimmerman
Lead Pastor
Mailing Address:

426 W Almond Ave Suite A, Orange, CA 92866
(714) 777-7326