Life Groups

Life is Better Together.

Life Groups are fun, supportive small groups, where you can find healthy relationships, deepen your connection with God and serve with others.

Life Groups

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Life is a journey we’re meant to travel with others.

Life Together

Living in community with other Christians is a crucial part of our faith journey. Life Groups are committed to meet regularly and connect with each other, pray, and support each other in life’s ups and downs.

Grow Together

Every Life Group spends time studying God’s Word and having meaningful conversations about how to apply scripture to our everyday life. Groups practice the core rhythms learned in Rooted as they grow together in their relationship with Jesus.

Serve Together

A great way to fuel your faith is to put it into action. Serving together as a group provides opportunities for you to put what you’re learning into practice, create lifelong memories, and make a difference in our world. 

Why Life Groups?

Because we can't do this alone.

Supportive Relationships

Really great friends can be few and far between. Friends who know you, care about you, who will support you and encourage your faith in whatever life throws your way. Life has its ups and downs, and a Life Group can provide caring, Christ-centered friends who will support you in any season. 

Deeper Faith

Admit it. Sometimes we just don’t have the energy, or the time, or even the interest to be intentional about exercising our faith. We long for an authentic, connected relationship with God, but just can’t seem to take the necessary steps. Life Groups provide the consistent opportunities and encouragement you need to focus on your faith. 

Make A Difference

Most of us want to do something significant with our lives, but oftentimes don’t know where to start. And it can be scary stepping out on your own. Life groups help you engage your faith, make a difference together in our world, and find real purpose in living every day. Serving others is more fun when you do it together. 

 “Knowing that we have such a close group of people that we can share blessings and struggles with helps us navigate some of the craziness life continues to throw at us.”

Ryan Freerks

“My Life Group has helped me spiritually deepen my faith, recognize and accept my brokenness, accept God's forgiveness, shed my bitterness, forgive others, become more patient and calm, and see that every moment is a blessing... a gift from God.”

Jon Shaddy

“Serving alongside each other at Mary's kitchen to help others in need bonded us even more as a life group. It gave us the opportunity to experience the lives of others... and give back a blessing for all the blessings we’ve been given.”

Norman Dole

Everyone Needs a Life Group.

Life Groups provide meaningful connection with a small group of friends and time for intentional conversation about faith. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to faith, or have been following Jesus for years. You’ll find support through the ups and downs of life, and encouragement to live with purpose every day.

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What is Alpha for Life Groups?

This curriculum is designed specifically for Life Groups (different from our Alpha Course, designed for those exploring faith). Over this 8-week series, we believe God will increase your faith, your compassion for the spiritually lost, and equip you and your group for ministry and spiritual conversations. Each week there will be one video to watch. Each weekly video consists of one Alpha video (used in the Alpha course) plus a short “training video” designed to equip group members. Also included are discussion questions to help guide your group’s conversations.

When does Alpha for Life Groups begin?

We will kick off the week of September 13, but you can start this series later and/or go at your own pace (i.e. for groups that meet every other week).

How do I sign up for Alpha for Life Groups with my life group?

Each Life Group leader will register their group for Alpha for Life Groups. All additional information will be sent to the leader to pass on to the group. Therefore, if you are not a life group leader, you do not need to personally register to participate.

Is there a cost for Alpha for Life Groups?

No! Alpha for Life Groups is completely free.

 Do I need to hear the weekend message to participate in this series?

Although we hope you’ll be part of our weekend services to hear the message, the Alpha for Life Groups curriculum is not aligned with the content of the weekend messages.  

 What if I’m not in a Life Group?

For those exploring faith, we recommend our Alpha course. For those wanting to join a Life Group, we recommend Rooted. However, if you would like to go through the Alpha for Life Groups curriculum, feel free to grab some friends and go through this curriculum together.