Re-gathering This Weekend

Hey Friends,

After consistent conversations with medical professionals in the industry, reviewing recent data trends, and much prayer, we are ready to gather, once again in-person, at Friends Church Yorba Linda beginning this Saturday (1/29). We're grateful to the Frontline workers that have been selflessly serving our community during this season and invite you to continue supporting their efforts by clicking here.

Here are more details:

  • Reservations are NOT REQUIRED to attend
  • All three services will be available in-person, Sat 5P, Sun 9 & 11A and online (on-demand after Sat 5P).
  • Social distancing measures will be maintained: masks and social distancing in the balcony, the main floor may remove masks after being seated. The Pavilion will also be available for those more comfortable in this environment. For more details click here
  • We kindly ask all staff, volunteers, and those in the balcony to continue to wear masks the entire service and when moving about the building.
  • FriendsKids programs (through 5th grade) and nursery will be available for Sunday services only.

See you this weekend!

Pastor Matthew