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How God Intervened: Karen’s Story

March 9, 2022
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Encountering Jesus radically transforms our lives. Consider Karen Lurie’s story…

“A year ago, I had a life-changing experience as a result of the women’s IF:Gathering at Friends. I was in a four year on-and-off relationship with my boyfriend, but during that weekend, the Holy Spirit convicted me. And He led me to a new life. I realized that the most important thing was to put Christ first, but I had to do more than say it — I needed to live it. I actually experienced the transformation of my mind, and I gave my heart to Jesus. Then I broke up with my boyfriend. I am so thankful for the strength, love and courage the Lord gave me to see the truth — His truth — and to follow Him and keep Him number one in my life. I prayed and told Him that if He wanted me to be in a relationship with a guy, my top priority was a godly man who puts Jesus first. Now I’ve met a man like that! I’m not sure if he’s ‘the one,’ but I know God will show me the way. I am so thankful!”

Ready to be changed?

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