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A Message from Matthew about Our Board of Elders

February 16, 2024
Yorba Linda
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We have just concluded our meetings with our two Elder candidates and are presenting them to you, our congregation, for confirmation. The biographies for Daryl Mayfield and Alan Amasvisca (who is coming back after a mandatory one-year sabbatical per our bylaws) are listed below.If any member of the congregation is aware of any reason that the candidate should not serve as an Elder, the member should express that concern personally to the Board of Elders by emailing Amy Brookman, Executive Director of Operations, at within two weeks of this announcement. Members of the congregation may also express reasons why the candidate should serve as an Elder. We invite you to be part of the process!

About Daryl Mayfield
Daryl and his wife, Leslie have been married for 37 years. He grew up in Western North Carolina and Leslie in Memphis, TN. His family moved to Memphis when he began high school and that is where he and his wife met. As a result of corporate relocations, the couple have moved numerous times over the years. Their last move, and God willing final one, had them relocate to Orange County for the second time in September 2010 from Columbus, OH. The couple has two daughters, both married, and four grandchildren (3 girls and 1 boy) all of whom live in Columbus. Daryl spent 30 years in the corporate world with 25 of those years spent in the medical device industry where he held positions in sales, sales management, operations and general management. God opened a door for Daryl to become an entrepreneur 6 years ago, so his work is now focused on the trucking industry. The Mayfields felt called to Yorba Linda Friends Church shortly after they visited so they began attending regularly in October 2010. That same month they attended a Community Group launch meeting and as a result started a Bible study group. They have led several groups in the past 13 years and plan to start a young couple's group in the Spring. Daryl and his wife began serving in the Marriage Ministry shortly after arriving at Friends and then quickly stepped into an opportunity to start a pre-marriage ministry. They have been involved in that ministry 12 of the 13 years they have been at Friends.Leslie and Daryl both serve on the Prayer Team, Next Steps Team and are also small group coaches. Much of ministry focus the past few years has been on researching and developing tools and resources to equip believers to engage our culture that is moving further away from God in a Biblical manner.

About Alan Amavisca
Alan spent fourteen years as a missionary/church planter in Central America, ten years as a pastor (Missions and then Community Groups) on the Yorba Linda Friends Church ministry team, and then nine years as Director for Missions and New Church Development at Friends Southwest before launching the North County Project in 2015. In addition, Alan also served at length on the boards of PMI (a Latin American mission to the Islamic world) and Solidarity (an incarnational ministry serving migrant populations in Fullerton), and just finished a year as the interim pastor of Amigos, the Spanish fellowship at Friends.His current role as the Director of the North County Project allows him to focus on grassroots evangelism and disciple-making. The focus of disciple-making includes both emerging young leaders in the church (in a learning community called The Lab), and equipping believers to engage with unchurched people who want to know more about Jesus.Alan and his wife, Barbara, live in Placentia and have four married children on three continents as well as twelve grandchildren. Having grandchildren on three continents means that Alan and Barbara spend a lot of time flying to see them, which is fine since they love to travel! Alan also enjoys surfing, reading and exploring new places.