Watch parties

Church at Home.

Watch Parties are a fun, easy way to experience church at home. Invite a few friends and neighbors over to your house to watch the service, talk, and eat together.

Watch Parties

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A new (old) way to experience church.


Hosting a Watch Party is like inviting friends over to watch a game or awards show. Simply ask some of your friends, family, or neighbors to your house to watch a 45-minute online service and have some food together.


Together, you’ll watch the weekend service and have interesting conversations about the message and how it can be applied to your life. It’s easy, fun, and a natural way to invite others into a conversation about faith and God.


The best part of hosting a Watch Party is opening your home to others. You can serve snacks, make it a potluck, or prepare a feast–it’s up to you! No matter what food or drinks you serve the most important thing is spending time with great people.

Why Watch Parties?

The simplest way to be the Church.

Casual & Convenient

If you’re like most of us, your week is filled with meetings, activities, and responsibilities. Even if you love going to a Sunday church service, it can sometimes feel inconvenient. Watch Parties offer a fun alternative that’s convenient for you and  includes connection with others.

Meaningful Conversations

Each weekend you’ll watch a service that was intentionally produced for you to experience in your living room. Your guests will not only enjoy the amazing worship music and relevant message but can participate naturally in casual faith conversations. 

Share Your Faith

It can be intimidating to share your faith with others. Sometimes it just doesn’t feel natural or it feels forced in your everyday life. Watch Parties provide you with an easy, organic way to start a dialog with your friends and neighbors in a social setting over some food.  

"It was so great to be able to watch church together with a community and talk about it!"

Sandy Juranich

“Our life group missed each other, so we took the "comfort temperature" of the group to start a Watch Party. Watch parties hold us all accountable to a regular routine of learning, worshipping, and growing in our faith that we had when we went to church every Sunday morning.”

Kelsey Steele

“I care about my friends, but I just could never figure out a way to talk about my faith with them that didn’t feel awkward or weird. Now at our Watch Party we answer questions about the message, so it’s possible to have a real dialogue about what we all believe.”

Andrew Salas

Who would you invite to your Watch Party?

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Can anyone host a Watch Party?

Yes! If you have a Heart for people, can Open your home, Serve some food, and Turn on a TV– then you can host a Watch Party!

What if I can’t host a party. Can I join one?

Absolutely. Call some friends and see if they are willing to host a Watch Party. Or, maybe you can rotate homes each week. If that doesn’t work for you, try joining a Zoom Party.

What if I don’t feel comfortable being around other people yet? Are there virtual Watch Parties?

Of course. Our desire is to be overly cautious and sensitive to how people are feeling in this season. We will be offering a virtual option for those who prefer to stay home but want to participate in the group conversation. We’re calling them Zoom Parties and you can join here.