Mar 18

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About a month ago, my husband, Bill, shared with me the amazing details that God had written about building the Tabernacle. My husband went on and on about how specific God was in His instructions about making every part of it.  I chalked up Bill’s enthusiasm to him being one who likes to build things. Ironically, about a week later, I was in the book of Exodus reading about the details God had laid out to Moses. I found myself, however, not being as delighted as my dear husband. In fact, I actually remember saying quietly to the Lord, “ya know Lord, I’m never going to build a Tabernacle. So what’s the value of knowing the length of the curtains or how many cubits the table is?”  I’d read this scripture dozens of times and found myself skimming through the details. But the next morning, the Lord brought to mind Bill’s delight in the details and He convicted me to take a closer look. So, I prayed and asked the Lord to help me to care about all those details.

I climbed back into Exodus chapters 35-39 with an open heart to what God wanted to show me. Since I was focusing on the details, I started with the basics asking, “what is a Tabernacle?”  The Tabernacle was the portable, earthly dwelling place of Yahweh (God) where the Israelites went to worship God. God is very detailed and intentional in how He wants worship to be brought to Him.

At the beginning of chapter 39, God gives instructions for how He wants the priestly garments to be made. He lists specific colors and materials.  But when I read verse 3, “and they hammered out gold leaf, and he cut it into threads to work into the blue and purple and the scarlet yarns and into the fine twined linen in skilled design,” my understanding and focus completely changed. As I thought about the process of hammering something into beauty, I said to the Lord, “Father, I’ve been ‘hammered.’” I know what it feels like to have the pounding circumstances of life seem unrelenting. I heard the Holy Spirit say to me, “Val, you have been hammered and cut into threads.”  

Today, His living Word is speaking over me, and I pray for you, too. God really cares about how His priests in the church (you and me), bring themselves as vessels of worship. Those who have placed their faith in Jesus are now the portable, earthly dwelling places of God. They are the New Testament Tabernacles. God cares about every detail concerning you and me. We have been created to bring God worship by the way we speak, think, and live.  

Do you sense God’s hammering in your life? What’s been your response to God as you are walking through it? Our lives are a stage where we live out what we truly believe. All around us are people that we are leading and teaching. Take Heart and be obedient to God’s leading. God intends for us to bring beautiful worship to Him. You never know who might be watching you.


1. Pray and invite God to help you become teachable through His “hammering” in your life.  
2. Pray and ask for forgiveness if you’ve been resistant to obeying God’s direction in this difficult time.
3. Pray and thank God for His faithfulness.  Ask Him if you’ve missed a detail that He wants you to see or learn from.
4. Pray and ask God to lift your heart with hope as you wait on Him to help you through your current trial.

Val Selvig
Women’s Ministry Leader