Mar 16

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1 Peter 5:7

Give all your worries and cares to God, for He cares about you.

“Lord, what if she doesn’t make it?”

These were the words I dared to consider when my wife was in the hospital with a rare, life-threatening medical condition. Not knowing if she would return home, I cried out to our Heavenly Father.  It was then that I was reminded of 1 Peter 5:7 and a simple prayer practice of “palms down, palms up, palms raised, palms together” that a dear friend from high school taught me years ago.

I placed my palms, facing down in my lap.  Breathing deeply, I recited the verse out loud, “Father, I give all my worries and cares to you, for I know you care for me.”
I took another deep breath. “Abba, Daddy, I give you my wife, Joanne. I bring her to you. Lord, please heal her, be with her, hold her, breathe your life into her.”

Another deep breath. “Lord, I’m scared. I don’t know what life would be like without her. I give you my fear, my anxious thoughts, and I ask you to take them.”

Then I waited. I waited for His loving arms to embrace my worried heart and trembling body. I turned my hands over, palms facing up. I took another deep breath. “Father, Abba, Daddy, I receive your love, your grace and your goodness for Joanne and for our family. You are my loving Father. I trust you. No matter what happens Lord, I know you care about us. I know you are for us.”

I sat with Him for what felt like forever.  Another deep breath, inhaling His goodness and grace and exhaling any worry, doubt, or fear. I did it over and over again, until I could raise my hands in praise and surrender, overwhelmed by a strange, heavenly peace I couldn’t explain. I had no idea if my wife would come home but I did know in that moment, that we were under our Father’s care.

Raising my hands in praise, I uttered the words, “no matter what happens, wherever You may take us, I will follow You all the days of my life. You are our shepherd. You are our Father. You are our mighty protector.”

Thankfully, my wife is recovering at home now. But this new practice is now etched forever in my heart and life. I’m not sure where you may be right now, what worries and cares may be on your heart. But I encourage you to try this prayer practice, knowing that you can “give all our worries and cares to Him, for He cares for you."


1. With palms down, inhale deeply and exhale slowly, releasing all your worries and cares to God  

2. With palms up, inhale deeply (holding breath) and receive His goodness, grace and love for a situation in your life. Repeat this sequence.

3. With palms raised, inhale deeply and exhale slowly, praising God for who He has revealed Himself to be.

4. With palms together, intercede for those people He puts on your heart.

Sean Foy

Men's Ministry Leader