Healing the Wounds of Your Past

Past wounds leave scars that impact you even in the present.

This study will enable you to identify your wounds and understand how they impacted you in the past and continue to impact you in the present. These wounds include those from dysfunction, loss, abuse, abandonment, rejection, divorce, betrayal, and more.

You will explore your childhood and adult wounds.

You will learn about the causes of wounds and their resultant scars.

You will explore shame, protective defenses, and core wounds.

You will walk through the forgiveness process for yourself and others.

You will work through the grief processes for your losses.

You will learn how to reconstruct your story and move forward with acceptance.

There will be interactive exercises that will provide opportunities for you to apply the concepts to your wounds. You will listen to the audios and do the interactive written exercises on your own and then share your answers with your confidential small group to further process the exercises.

The Benefits of Healing the Wounds of Your Past Study

You will identify areas of your past where you are stuck and repeating dysfunctional patterns.

You will have a better understanding of how your past has impacted who you are in the present.

You will face your losses and work through the grief process releasing anger and sadness.

You will learn the process of forgiveness and make the choice to forgive yourself and others.

You will experience “aha” moments where you discover things about yourself and others that help you to move forward and heal.

You will have a different perspective about your past that helps you write a new story about your future.

You will enter into acceptance knowing that you cannot change the past but you can change how you live now.

When: Five Mondays August 2-30, 2021

Time 6-7:30 pm PST

Who: Open to men, women, and college-aged adults

Where: On Zoom

Cost: $20.00

Teacher: Karla Downing (based on her study “Healing the Wounds of Your Past”)